Steps to Finalize Your Investment

             Penn Capital would like to invite qualified accredited investors to register for your spot in this opportunity located in the high growth market of Huntsville, AL


506 (c) Offering Process
1: Subscription Documents

The first step in moving forward with your investment is to download the subscription documents. Once downloaded you will need to fill out the documents and sign them.


The documents can be signed via DocuSign using the links below.

2: Investor Verification

Our investment opportunity is only available to verified accredited investors. A lawyer, certified public account or broker dealer can provide a letter certifying that you meet these SEC guidelines.  You may also use Verify Investor, which will provide you documentation of your status after you create an account with them. Your letter will need to be uploaded through the portal for the company to review and acceptance.

3: Transfer Funds

In order to complete the subscription process you will need to send your investment to the company. Use the buttons below to display the instructions of your choice. Once your investment has been received your profile will be updated with the investment amount and date.